harry cloud


For some readers, today is known as the Lord’s day, and while Georgia’s Harry Cloud might not quite be a lord per se, his musical experience is relatively all encompassing – not to mention intimidating. Over the last twenty years, he’s played with Fannyland, Orphan Goggles, and COPS, but today we’re stoked to expose you to Cloud’s latest solo psycho romp, The Cyst.

This is the initial quote we had from Cloud himself, and it is at once one of the simplest, most effective, and possibly most hilarious descriptors we’ve yet to encounter in our inbox:

“The Cyst is a growth of disease, a disease of myself. I’m dying of me. On the album there is talk of unwanted pregnancies, unrequited love, rejection, doomed relationships and missing bodies. Also there are sounds of doom, funk, country and rock. Get weird.”

Miracle zap your own meta-maladies with the exclusive stream below.

One of the reasons we wanted to share this one with viewers straight away was Cloud’s brutal, uncanny vocal delivery – in a way, it reminds us of grittier sounding bands that occasionally gets lumped in with math-adjacent history lessons, like Melvins and Modest Mouse, for instance.

However, it’s safe to say that Cloud’s so-sharp-its-bleeding croaks and cries will take most first time listeners by surprise. This is both due to the delivery itself, but also it’s juxtaposition with the relatively easy going jams in the background. Tracks like “Send Me Pictures” plays like the ravings of a fully psychopathic candy man, sprinting through the last of… some kind of spree. However, “Ferryman’s Guild” and the title tracks build up to something more complex, and far less comprehensible – but you’re not here for comprehensible, are you?

“Squid Friend” also go particularly nuts, with Cloud commenting further:

“I like how the song is a slow build the whole time until it reaches a powerful climax followed by a pleasant, washy resolution at the end. I wish all my songs could have such a neat flow. I had written the basic guitar parts for this at home and Paul Roessler (TSOL, Pat the Bunny, Josie Cotton)and I made up the rest in the studio. At first, that epic build up seemed a little too cheesy and embarrassing for me, but I just went for it and now I love it because it’s unusual for me”.

The Cyst will be out in its entirety February 7th, 2023 on Kitten Robots Records.

Check out more from Harry Cloud here, and big thanks to Discipline PR for exposing us to yet another wholly unique artist we might not have ever checked out, otherwise. In the meantime, if you want to buy us a Sunday coffee, we’ll drink it, and you can do so here. Coming up we’ve got some catch-up to play with Animal Elders, Hey! Tonal, and more. Thanks for reading!