Today we’re kicking off the weekend with Dhärä and their kaleidoscopic new music video for “Put a Bird On It.” It’s a feel-good jam of the highest order, and it’s a great introduction to the band’s brand of New York based progressive instrumental music if you’re not already familiar.

“Put a Bird on It” has a lot of low-key guitar shred moments, but there’s also some supreme loop manipulation, so it’s definitely suggested that want you wear headphones for this one. Also, the phenomenal Tom Flynn makes an appearance in the liner notes as director of photography, so you know it’s going to be a good looking video with him involved.

Check out the video below for the exclusive premier of the saucy, jammy, and downright bird-y single.


The way the song is sort of divided into two parts is really interesting, with a skyrocketing shift in dynamic and tempo about halfway through. It’s not necessarily the most technical, math rock specific kind of change, but it does remind us of the good old days of bands like Fang Island and Adebisi Shank, where the strict definitions didn’t seem to matter as much. There’s also a little bit more prog in Dhärä’s DNA, which might make people think more of projects like Skyharbor or The Helix Nebula.

Regardless, Dhärä have delivered an eye-catching ear worm for people to enjoy either way, whether or not the audience tries to define it. The band recently released a batch of three singles, and if you like what you hear, we highly recommend the others as well, because “Put a Bird on It” is only the beginning.

You can stream the band on Spotify, but you know how it is: we try to plug Bandcamp around here. Check it out here, and if you’re feeling generous, you can also buy us a coffee here. Either one is good with us. Coming up we’ve got Pili Coit, Cuzco, Melt Banana, and a helluva lot more – thanks for reading!