EXCLUSIVE // Instrumental math rock trio concrete concrete blend complexity and emotion in their new single ‘Iris Sky’


Math rock is a genre of excess. It’s a genre that, due to the weight of its complexity and technicality, may overwhelm a listener not overly familiar with it, potentially casting them away from the narrative. This, unfortunately, makes the genre susceptible to not being taken seriously.

It’s a tough gig, to able to craft knotty and ajar musical compositions that evoke lavish and emotive soundscapes. It is this artful balance that bands like toe, TTNG and LITE have built a career on. The potency and expanse of the substance transcends its bewildering structure. The warmth of the harmonies carries the listener away from the complex skeleton that holds it together.

This is what shines out in ‘Iris Sky’, the new single from Brooklyn instrumental math rock trio concrete concrete. Through its intertwining guitar melodies and askew time changes, a colorful picture is painted for the listener. The song carries a warmth; it synthesizes a pleasing and consistent whole.

‘Iris Sky’ is the proof in the pudding that concrete concrete have what it takes to carry listeners beyond the complexity and technicality of their sound. It is a sure sign that Drifter could be the key exemplar that reconciles the qualities of a genre that is all too often misunderstood.

a1369708735_10concrete concrete will release their debut album ‘Drifter’ on 2nd August 2019. You can pre-order the album on Bandcamp here.