Kim Rudner

EXCLUSIVE // Australian instrumental math rock group SEIMS unveil their new EP ‘3.1’

If you follow our work here on Feck Bah, you already know about Sydney outfit SEIMS. The band have graced our compilations, our festivals, our articles, the cover photos of our articles. We’ve proudly premiered nearly every damn album this band has conceived. SEIMS are pretty much a math rock staple in Australia. And, given our back catalogue of solidarity, praise and at times straight-up trite gush, maybe we don’t need to convince you of that.

We’ve been supporting SEIMS since our salad days, and it is only logical that we continue this legacy as we exclusively unveil their latest EP 3.1. You could call this lil’ number the beta extension, the patch update, the software add-on for their previous full length effort 3. The bangin’ 2017 LP was named Album of the Year on myindieaustralia, received numerous accolades on Heavy Blog Is Heavy, and weighed in at number 31 on our 2017 End Of Year Report. 3.1, whilst being equally laudable, rifts slightly from the angular, prog-infused tendencies of 3, and settles for something a bit more coherent and cinematic.

This EP was written in seven days and recorded in two,” says SEIMS proprietor Simeon Bartholomew, “it was a bit of a scheduling nightmare – trying to catch drummer Chris between his Plini tours; trying to catch violinist Natalya between her gigs with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra; working out if trumpeter Paul could perform, as he’d fractured his spine earlier that year“. Despite the brief duration of its development, the EP shapes up as a sonically crisp and moving trip.

a1369708735_10You can go and purchase 3.1 from the Art As Catharsis Bandcamp page. SEIMS will be touring Australia and Japan over the next few months. Check their Facebook page for dates and locations. It’s always a stellar performance.