EXCLUSIVE // Alarmist announce European tour and unveil live session of ‘Morning Kepler’

gigpostervlad_octtour_a3If there was ever a band certain to make music capable of transcending the math rock niche and permeating into the mainstream, Dublin’s Alarmist are the candidates. The band combines the soothing pleasentries of world and jazz with a twist of eccentricity crafted so as to complement but never overbear. There is an enveloping sense of warmth in their music from which, a complex sonic framework can be revealed at close inspection.

The lads at Small Pond have graced us with a live session of Alarmist’s latest single ‘Morning Kepler’ finally allowing we the punters to break down the many dimensions of sound produced by the band. Alarmist’s new album, scheduled to arrive next month, will push electronic instrumental rock to its next evolutionary peak. It’s an album that, in our opinion, will rival and perhaps even supersede BattlesLa Di Da Di in terms of its complexity and diversity.

The band will embark on a brief run of European shows with label mates Calico next month, no doubt premiering their latest material. All details can be purveyed here. Europe, this is your chance.

Keep your eyes peeled for Alarmist’s new album on Small Pond Recordings. It is closer than you think…