Chancer – S/T (2018)

Fecking Bahamas premiered Chancer’s first single ‘Banger’ back in January 2017 – and it was exactly that: a five-minute barrage of brilliant riffs, delivered with the sort of extraordinary energy and attention to detail that set certain bands aside as groups with serious potential to do great things. And now Chancer have brought along their debut EP to the cement that promise.

Collecting together six tracks, including Banger, the Dublin band’s first record is a powerful release which pulls no punches in its approach to songcraft, full of intense, chaotic riffing and noisy wig outs, but which has clearly been written with great care and thought. Although occupying similar sonic space to, fellow Irish rockers, ASIWYFA at their most focussed and, fellow violin rockers, Talons at their most…violiny…Chancer are very much one and their own: all the tunes here are wonderfully imaginative, fantastically composed and super captivating. I guess I’m trying to say “all killer, no filler” for lack of a better term…

‘Stutter Island’ is a highlight; a cleverly put-together and immensely fun tune, displaying the bands insane melodic sensibilities, with riffs flying all over the place and gorgeous violins seeping through the cracks of the ensuing cacophony. Elsewhere, 4th track ‘Midna’s’ lilting string arrangements continue to impress, adding a wonderful, extra dimension to the music, and the bright, optimistic melodies across ‘Streets of Ragel’ and ‘Whistlers’ add to the elation.

Chancer’s Self-titled EP displays a band destined for epic things. It’s packed full of awesome, fun music and great ideas and you should go and listen to it NOW!

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Math rock, Party Mix, Violin

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Dublin, Ireland