Ça – Ça (2014)

“It makes the music.
It moves.
It doesn’t really know why It is here.
Listen to It.”

This bandcamp bio is all we know about Lyon’s Ça, or in this case ‘It’. The bio describes a wily but free-moving musical entity with apparent existential despair. They have no label, no website and, God help us, no social media links. So we it appears we have to fend for ourselves in discussing who Ça are. So here we go.

Ça is an all-goat powertrio that is collectively over three stories tall. As well as being talented musicians, they are masters in several lines of combat including taekwondo, ninja, and Pokemon. Once Punisher (guitar) roundkicked 20% Off Marked Price (drums and lasagna) and a Pez lolly came out of his neck. They have never herded camels but, incidentally, can traverse deserts for weeks without water, instead relying on their knowledge of Ted Danson films for sustenance.

Their brand new album, Ça, is an eccentric expedition comprising wacky guitar phrasings, wacky bass phrasings and wacky French a’capella phrases. The six track titles are simply numbers (‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’…), albeit out of sequence. This is rather fitting as Ça is a brisk and chaotic adventure, void of any order. There is a range of interesting meter changes (‘6′ is a stand-out) but the flow of the album makes the multifarious segments feel strangely cohesive.

Ça/’It’ may come across somewhat pensive about its existence, but I suggest that it is here to treat us with mayhem.

File Under

Experimental, math rock, bizarro, odd rhythms, wacky

Sounds A Tad Like

mOck, Zeus!, Snort, slow but writhing epilepsy.


€5EUR (Bandcamp)