Last year, we listed the 100 greatest math rock albums you’ve never heard. The logical response from our readers was, ‘well, what are the math rock albums we have heard lol’. That’s a good question and, indeed, we have been asked to compile such a list for years. But, in the spirit of democracy, we are handing the torch to you guys.

This month, we are opening a reader’s poll to find out the 50 greatest math rock albums of all time. Everyone gets up to five unweighted votes, which will each go into the running. While we don’t want to bias the results in any way, we would like you to make the following considerations before you vote…

(i) This is an ‘all-time’ poll, so don’t let recent releases skew your perspective. Remember, math rock has been around over three decades!

(ii) When choosing an album, think about its innovation, historical significance, and overall contribution to the genre.

(iii) Don’t vote for your mates, that’s just cringe yo.

When placing a vote, type the band name then the album name, separated by a hyphen: ‘MATH ROCK BAND – ALBUM NAME‘.

Alright, hop to it!