Math & Atlases: Chicago

Who else would be able to explain the glorious Math & Atlases series better than their curators Space Blood: “The idea of asking the bands we did was to do something similar to the All Tomorrow’s Parties shows held in the UK, where one band would curate that particular fest and hand pick all the bands to play the ATP they’re curating, so each ATP is totally different from another one“. With each Math & Atlases album focusing on a different geographic region, Space Blood selected bands they had played shows with and of whom the band felt represented what the Chicago math rock scene sounded like.

Fecking Bahamas are featuring the entire Math & Atlases compilation series for the simple reason that they encompass everything we do as a website: promoting underground math-leaning talent from a regional perspective. In Math & Atlases: Chicago the Space Blood boys choose the cream of the crop from their home turf. It’s a side of Chicago math rock you haven’t heard, one without the Kinsellas and Villareals.


Space Blood
Bass guitar: Sam Edgin
Drums: William Covert



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