VIDEO // Watch Rust Ring perform “Blackout” live

Some may say that all good things math happen in Chicago: Ghosts and Vodka, U.S. Maple, Cap N Jazz, Piglet, Owls, the list continues. So it’s not unreasonable to throw one’s arms out in welcome to brand new Illinoise.

Rust Ring is a little math supergroup of sorts, comprising Joram Zbichorski of ‘party math rock’ band Snort on guitar and vocals, William Covert of Space Blood on drums, and Kyle Geib of the Bob Nanna fronted band Lifted Bells on bass and vocals. According to the band, the idea of Rust Ring was not to be just another Midwest math rock band, but to try invoke a range of different influences into making interesting, complex, and also catchy rock songs. Rust Ring’s music is equally influenced by 90’s indie, slowcore, and emo as well as contemporary punk and Midwest DIY music, which ultimately create a well-rounded, diverse and unique sound.

This week we are premiering a live session of ‘Blackout’, filmed by fellow Chicago-ites Puddle Splashers at Emaciated Raiden Studios in Chicago with Matt Frank (Their/They’re/There, Lifted Bells) behind the mixing board. The band is looking to stay busy and planning to go into the studio to record their debut EP later this year. And we are looking forward to it.

Keep up to date with Rust Ring via their Facebook page. You can also check out Rust Ring’s video for ‘Since June’ on Birthday Cake For Breakfast.