The Seafloor Cinema / Over Under – I’ll Drive You Home Split (2017)

It’s always interesting when bands join forces. Do they combine their respective writing styles to develop some sort of hybrid creation, or do they stick to their own influences? Both The Seafloor Cinema and Over Under have fairly limited social media coverage, which leaves a lot to the imagination. What we do know from their concise biography on their Bandcamp page is that both bands are Californian solo projects, two friends who come together to mix math-rock and ‘acoustic-emo’ in I’ll Drive You Home. The EP is split directly down the middle and the difference between the artists is audible. However, there is something very pleasant about the musical diversities within the EP. The Seafloor Cinema’s contribution is full of interesting musical ideas played by noodling clean guitars and Over Under offer interesting chords with personal and stirring lyrics. Perhaps they’ll combine completely to create a math rock-emo project? Who knows, but we’re definitely excited to see where this will go.

File Under

Math Rock, Emo, Acoustic, Indie, Instrumental, Vocals, One-piece

Sounds A Tad Like

Zoo Strategies, Invalids, Stage Kids, The Bulletproof Tiger


$4US on Bandcamp


California, USA