Terra Collective – Emerge (2017)

For the past three years Tera Collective have been drip feeding us videos and posts regarding the release of a mysterious five song EP. We waited in patience due to our obvious excitement, why wouldn’t we be excited? Occasionally we’d lay awake at night with their Facebook posts circling our heads. “We are currently in the studio recording a 5 song EP that will be out in early 2016” We’d say to ourselves, the thought of jamming out to some proggy pop jazz keeping us warm for another night. How could we have known we needed to wait until the middle of 2017 and has it been worth the torture?… Although waiting on this release hasn’t actually kept me up at night it is exciting to finally have it with us.

Emerge is the first release of the Denton quintet, a band that have already made huge waves in the math rock community playing some incredible lineups and really making their presence known. They have the approach of a band doing everything right and although it’s taken longer than they expected by the payoff is made incredible by the care and attention that’s obviously gone into the EP. The whole arrangement of the album sounds meticulously worked over and ironed out truly becoming a sum of all its parts and lending to the precise style of musicality we will come to expect from this band. The ep is great from beginning to end and doesn’t tire with multiple listens instead becoming more enjoyable every time you revisit it; providing us with something new and unnoticed to wet our taste buds. Hoping these guys will make their way down to the Uk soon so I have an opportunity to see them work their magic live soon!

File Under

Punk, pop, jazz, math rock

Sounds A Tad Like

TTNG, Lambhorn, As Tall As Lions


$5US (Bandcamp)


Denton, Texas