SNEAK PREVIEW // Stream ‘Wilderness’, the debut album from Wojtek


The UK does alright with two-pieces. There is Cleft, That Fucking Tank and Cutty’s Gym, across the ditch there’s The Continuous Battle Of Order and, somewhere, there is the post-Blakfish project Hymns. And lo, there are two new Dundonian kids on the block…

Their name is Wojtek, who are presumably named after the bear cub adopted by Polish soliders in 1942, but don’t rip on me if that was super obvious. Their debut album, Wilderness, will be officially released this Thursday, and you lucky padawans get an exclusive listen, courtesy of Good Grief Records, right here.

Rather than obliterate with fast-paced, pedal-stomping mayhem (territory that is well-guarded by Cleft), Wojtek stand by a sound that is simple, chilled and relaxed, with hints of ethereal haze and mathy angularity. In fact, it’s not dissimilar from 90’s greats like Pele, Euphone, American Football, or even some of the wonderful sounds coming out of Japan.

I’m not sure it’s possible to lose with Wilderness. It’s blissful and innocuous. I could tell you that I kicked your cat in the face; you wouldn’t care. Too busy being at one with those melodies. Soak ’em up.

iran iranYou can purchase Wilderness on CD, vinyl and digital download on the Good Grief Records Bandcamp page. You can also hit ’em up on Facebook. Carpe diem, not crap diem folks.

Feature image credit: Julian Bailey Photography