Here at Fecking Bahamas, Russia has been on our minds constantly. Grisha, our Russian correspondent, has been working closely with a horde of exciting bands in the region to curate our second compilation. I am currently working with several others to organise compilation artwork and prepare a story on the scene. What we will hopefully prove to you in the weeks to come is that Russia has a small but every exciting instrumental scene. The scene here is quite young, but thanks to the mobility of online press, and the emergence of social media (VK in particular), many of Russia’s great bands are finally meeting fresh international ears.

For example, we’re pretty excited about Moscow’s instrumental post-hardcore trio Jaunt. To date, much of Jaunt’s material has been kept within Russian online community confines, save for some live recordings on Bandcamp. Until now, that is.

In fortuitous timing with our upcoming Russia compilation, we at Fecking Bahamas are chuffed to premier Jaunt’s latest effort, Monkfish EP, ahead of its official release. Recorded live at Destroy The Humanity studios, Monkfish EP delivers punchy instrumental rock inter laden with melodic hardcore sensibilities and complex time shifts, often recalling the early work of ASIWYFA. At times, Jaunt will weave nonchalantly through gentle melodic passages, only to emerge with crashing triumphant breakdowns with heavyweight riffs disorienting the senses. Monkfish EP is a great body of work with a lot of character.

Look out for Jaunt in our upcoming Russia compilation. More details will be appearing via our Facebook

Pay attention to Jaunt’s activity via their page

Image credit: Dmitry Belsky