If you read our recent article on bedroom musicians, you will hopefully agree that the advent of state-of-the-art musical software and hardware, along with global music sharing platforms like Bandcamp, provides us with the ability to transcend traditional studio recording processes and instead make quality albums in our own messy-as-shit rooms. Steven Ostroske from Say I Am is one of the people capitalising on this. The dude writes, records, mixes, masters, and distributes all his music from his comfortable Columbus, Ohio homestead. Say I Am recently put out a split fellow awesome-head Joseph Nicely (aka Lucent) and, quite frankly, it’s a real shame we hadn’t found out about these two at the time of writing our feature.

This week, we at Fecking Bahamas are bringing you a full stream of Say I Am’s latest EP Watchdog ahead of its release. True story: I was listening to this album on the way towards getting groceries for dinner. I got so lost in the delicious guitar licks and chromatic riffs that I completely forgot what groceries I needed to buy. In the end, having forgotten my purpose, I went and bought goddamned pizza, beer and cider. To summarize, Watchdog wipes your brain of all rudimentary and perfunctory thought, and leads you straight towards party-time. You can’t argue with that, my friends.

Say I Am’s latest album Watchdog will be super available and downloadable in the weeks to come. Get awn it.