SNEAK PREVIEW // Listen to Leo Drezden’s ‘Multi-Moment’


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there is definitely something in the water in Ireland. An extra pack of zinc ions floating downstream, perhaps? Or maybe some nutritious carbonates saltating along the riverbeds? We are not water chemists by any stretch, but it’s a theory.

At any rate, we find ourselves in the familiar territory of promulgating a promising Dublin fourpiece in the form of Leo Drezden, a four-piece proficient combining instrumental math rock with stop-start jazz, punchy disco pastiche and elegant sonic landscapes, stylistic tendencies of which fellow Dublin locals Alarmist and Adebisi Shank are renowned for. In Leo Drezden’s latest release Multi-Moment, however, the hooks and chord progressions have an ethereal almost space-rock flavour. It’s the soundtrack of a hyperstyled neo-noir with an older yet reputable actor like Chris Cooper battling illegal cyborgs and dodging femme fatales. It’s the elevator music that plays on the way to God’s holiday apartment in neo-Tokyo. Overall, it’s damn fun.

You can keep in touch with Leo Drezden on Facebook.

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