POLL // Which math albums would you bring back from the dead?



As you may know, Fecking Bahamas is building a digital store. One of the goals of the store is to uncover albums that are hard to get but that we believe are deserving of your ears. We’ve been lucky enough in our short time as a website to get some decent exposure for the global math rock scene, and we’d like to use it to usher in a revival of old math rock into the digital arena. We want to be able to bring you albums of great significance in math rock history, albums that were stellar examples of the genre but are now kicking up dust in attics worldwide. But first, we want to hear about what you want to see revived in digital format. What is sitting out there in the ether that should be recognised? Pennines? Ativin? Kowloon? Ruins? Dianogah? Whatever it is, we want to hear from you.

Please understand that while we are really excited about getting your nominations and forming a pursuit, we can’t promise anything. We are going in completely cold with this and in the end it will depend on whether we can successfully establish contact with bands, and whether they agree to get involved. But the more votes we get down the line, the stronger our chances of success. So get voting!

Leave as many suggestions as you like.

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