Pinkwash – Collective Sigh (2016)

‘Howl’ might be a more appropriate term.

Self-described ‘false punk’ two-piece Pinkwash present an absolute steamroller of an album that blends meaty, almost-Torche-when-they-did-that-one-happy-album-esque riffs with airy, howled melodic vocals.

Many of the songs on the album are structured around a looping, angular riff that drives relentlessly through the track with no regard for meter, like a weird cousin to Leeds’s own Pulled Apart By Horses. The vocal melodies the band employs are enjoyably bizarro and competing with the guitar riffs for unpredictability, the kind of tunes that grace Every Time I Die’s more crooner-esque moments.

Despite their unconventional riffs, many of Pinkwash’s tracks have an undeniable stomp, and in these moments comparisons to more conventional blues-rock-revival bands (i.e Royal Blood, Band of Skulls and their ilk) are easy to draw, but the duo add their own heavy, prog-y twist on the formula.

Fans of proggy, riffy, beefy music, check this one out.

File Under

math rock, punk rock, stoner, two-piece, distortion, angularity,

Sounds A Tad Like

Mastodon, Bad Canoes, Torche (sort of)


7 dollaroos, (Bandcamp)


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania