pfaff – p​[​retty] f​[​lippin] a​[​wesome] f​[​rickin] f​[​riends] (2016)

p​[​retty] f​[​lippin] a​[​wesome] f​[​rickin] f​[​riends] is the quirky debut from new Manchester conjoined triplets pfaff, recorded by Cleft expiree John Simm. Most notable is the track ‘The0neWhereJ0eyPunchesRachelinTheThr0at‘, which gave me the impetus to go through old Friends episodes for footage proof, but I could only come up with this failed clocker by Ross. I concluded an hour later that it is possibly a play on the episode entitled ‘The One with the Girl Who Hits Joey’, or just some Illuminati confirm. I also remembered that The Replacements were really badass before they became associated with the Friends theme.

Overall, this album offers as many twists, hooks and out-of-place characters than its cryptic and song titles.

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math rock, instrumental, angularity, noise rock. free

Sounds A Tad Like

Space Blood, 100 Onces, Tera Melos


Name your price (Bandcamp)


Manly-chester, UK