Odradek – Homúnculo Vol​.​2 (2014)

If you ever took a course in psychology, you may have learned what a Homunculus was. If you googled it, you’d get a bunch of pictures of a weird-ass looking model of man, visually representing how much of your brain is dedicated to your specific parts of your body. It’s been a while since I studied any of that, but whoever created this model would probably be a fan of Odradek’s second volume of Homúnculo: a collection of perfectly abrasive, angular, and addictive songs. Hailing from Sao Paolo, the three piece puts together four songs each with its own flavor.

The title track opens with harmonically dissonant guitar and vocals. The clean vocal delivery almost resemble the vocals on a Minus The Bear album, or other bands that lean more towards the indie-rock side. The chord progressions are a completely different story. The dancing guitar licks on these tracks with the use of plenty of tri-tones and diminished chords resemble something Thomas Erak would write (always a good thing), especially on the third track, ‘Pri’.

hile the second track, ‘Nebulae’, starts off soft, it best represents the flavor that technical drumming brings to the band. The creative groove on the end of this track is pretty addicting, and is in my opinion, the coolest moment of the EP. It’s always amazing what a few carefully placed snare hits can do to the flow of an entire song.

The instrumentation on this EP abundant with carefully placed pitch bends, delay rate shifts, and ambient drones. The final track transforms into a perfectly creepy post rock jam that perfectly sums up this EP: diverse. Any fan of fast, punky math should definitely give this a listen.

File Under

math rock, progressive, metal, punk

Sounds A Tad Like

The Fall of Troy, Minus The Bear, Tera Melos


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Piracicaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil