NEWS // Sloth and Turtle sign to Coup sur Coup records, announce cassette release

0012592294_10-compressorWe’re gonna assume that math rock up-and-comers Sloth And Turtle rocked your socks last year. The Santa Rosa quartet came through with a pearler of a debut last year that made our top picks of April.

We are excited to announce that the band have now signed to Coup sur Coup Records, the humble chaps who are also putting out William Covert‘s (ex-Space Blood) solo debut. Coup sur Coup will be releasing the band’s self-titled debut as a limited edition cassette tape this Spring, and they are looking pretty dazzling. Pre-orders are now available on the label’s bandcamp page.

Definitely keep your eyes and ears on Coup Sur Coup Records. There are some pretty amazing things coming our way…