NEW MUSIC // Wolf, The Rabbit (feat. members of Le Grand) fuses dreamy pop with angular math rock

Why exactly do ‘good things come in threes’? It’s some faux-adage that gets thrown around and tends to benefit no-one but marketers and lazy journalists like me. But hey, get this: Wolf, The Rabbit is knee-deep in threes right now.

Wolf, The Rabbit features Sam Sartorius, who you might know from Kansas math rock stalwarts Le Grand, and over the next three weeks the band are quietly throwing out three three-minute tracks each week. We are currently in week two, so consider yourself behind schedule. At the end of the three-weeks, you will have yourself a lovely full-scale model of Maypole, Wolf, The Rabbit’s full length debut.

In his delectable side hustle, Sam and company combine jazz and math rock sensibilities with reverberating and warbling synths that, combined, offer a dreamy and lightly vivacious soundscape. It’s soft and velvety, but also has mathy kick. Think chilli chocolate.