Vovk deliver something fresh and full of adrenaline today with their muscular, toothy new single. The Kyiv-based band frequently label themselves as stoner-prog, a genre tag we can’t help but immediately swoon over, but “Tiger” also shows off a discerning taste for complexity.

As the single sways between swinging, 6/8 grooves and unexpected rhythmic punches, we’re also transported to memories of nu-metal and grunge, with a little post-hardcore thrown in as well. “Tiger” doesn’t hold anything back, and for as accessible as it is on the surface, there’s a lot going on underneath to keep it interesting.

We were intrigued right away by the thick walls of guitar, but the song quickly sunk it’s teeth in even deeper about a minute in where things get really melodic. Check out the video below for proof.


If you happen to be one of those souls that jam math rock but still have a soft spot for gritty, vaguely metallic popular 2000’s bands like Gojira, Tool or even Chevelle, VOVK might really do it for you, and we say that without a hint of judgment or irony. Honestly, “Tiger” is better than anything either of those bands have put out in a good while, not to mention more meaningful.

Check out this tidbit from the band:

“The song is about a person that is too afraid to get out of their comfort zone. They are not committing to important deeds due to a constant fear of failure, which leads to undervaluing their own successes. In times of war, people frequently feel that their help or donations are too little or even meaningless, but this couldn’t be further from the truth – every single bit of help brings us closer to victory. The song was being worked on by the new VOVK line-up, which consists of Oleksandr Kuts, joined by Yevhenii Khrulov (Pustosh, Ooze), and Yehor Druzenko (Ooze). Due to constant power infrastructure bombings from Russia, recording process stalled and the band was forced to push the release over and over again, and frequent power outages prevented smooth mastering of the track.”

The urgency shows in the track for sure, especially when the line “hey, stay” is pushed from whispers into the stratosphere of unhinged, throat-charring expression. “Tiger” just might have you doing a double-take with it’s varied approach to getting the point across, but never second-guessing.

Here’s hoping the band and their loved ones remain safe, and able to release more music in the near future. Check out their Bandcamp here to hear more. Coming up we’ve got stuff from Kodiak Empire, Garrett Gleason, Upright Forms, Yowie, and more! You can buy us a coffee here, but either way, thanks for reading!