Well well well, it seems that Portland is at it once again. Known far and wide for its freakishness, the city also happily houses a ton of great music – much of which happens to be math rock.

That being said, U SCO does not sound particularly Portlandian. In fact, U SCO doesn’t even really sound like they are from Earth.

Well maybe in, like, an elemental, force of nature kind of way… hear us out. Actually, hear the first track from their debut Catchin’ Heat below, then hear us out.

Yes, it’s eleven minutes – but it’s eleven minutes of soaring, whooshing progressive noise. Oh, and its one of two eleven minute epics on the record. As if you weren’t exhausted already.

It’s worth every second though – U SCO serves up a fresh, highly diverse offering that’s certainly going to land with fans of bands like Hella, TERMS and Ahleuchatistas. Catchin’ Heat also has a consistent undercurrent of King Crimson’s most aggressive tendencies lurking about as well, tying things together quite nicely.

These days, we’re in a musical era in which integrates sound design at an accelerated pace, to the point we use the term ‘world building’ to describe it. U SCO’s vision is bold enough to put them in a similar category, but truly stands out due to its passionately original and highly orchestrated delivery.

Make sure to catch the heat on the U SCO bandcamp page here in its entirety. If you’re loaded and for some reason into math rock, bless you, noble dignitary, toss a coffee to your Fecker here, since you’re feeling charitable. Otherwise coming up we’ve got Finte, Garrett Gleason, Sons of Venus, a little something featuring Damon Che, and a whole lot more coming up! Thanks for reading!