Tricot, one of Kyoto’s most prolific and creative bands, dropped a surprise new single yesterday, and a sensuously doughy music video to go along with it. “Aquarium” itself is a tasty return to the band’s classic form, bringing back the jazzy, unbridled vibes of Makkuro and 3 before it.

The song’s vulnerability and willingness to go full guns blazing towards the end, guitar solo included, is as endearing as ever, and it comes as a pleasant surprise after the last couple of years proved to be a very experimental time for the band. Of course, one can’t really fault Tricot for branching out, as they’ve never made any genuine missteps in their sonic explorations. As sprawling as the last album was, we still enjoyed it, but today we’re ecstatic to hear them swinging for the fences again.

Stream the new song and music video below, and prepare to be kicked out of the nearest bakery.


Just what you ‘kneaded’ right? Okay, sorry. Pardon the bun. Seriously dough.

Given Tricot’s propensity for releasing things in a variety of different ways, as well as extremely often, we can’t be sure that we’ll be seeing “Aquarium” on any upcoming album or EP, but it’s not a huge deal either way. Whether it’s a standalone single or a tease for a new album, Tricot seem to be riding another wave of energy, and we’re excited to see where it takes them, and how.

Here’s a little background of the song, courtesy of Tokyo record label Avex Entertainment:

‘Aquarium’ is a straight-ahead, bright and poppy song with a twist, built on the foundation of tricot’s characteristic unusual time signatures. It is a song about ditching the presumptions around what love and relationships are supposed to be. Curiosity, guilt and other emotions do not necessarily need to have negative connotations, and this idea is expressed through a positive musical arrangement. The lyrics are filled with metaphors and declarations, with lines that roughly translate as “It takes an ugly shape, for real”, “The world is in reverse, and I can’t be trapped by other people’s assumptions”, and “I will unbuckle my armor and hesitate no more”

The band is currently touring 10 countries and 20 cities on a UK/European tour, which you can get tickets for on their website here. You can also buy us a coffee here. Not that those are in any way the same thing, both we’ve all got to survive somehow, right? Coming up we’ve got Disheveled Cuss, The Pieces of Shit, and more. Thanks for reading!