Honeybender Live in Portland, OR
Sleeper Studios


Honeybender release their salty sweet new single today, entitled “An Empty Room at Midnight,” and it’s the band’s first single with prominent vocals.

2018’s Super Chill Surf Vibes, the band’s last EP, delivered just that. The combination of laid back drums, raw production, and seven-string guitar licks made for a highly unique flavor. But with “An Empty Room at Midnight,” the band sweetens the deal, and continues to crystallize towards final-form.

At first, the CHON-type lead morphs into a TTNG-style intro, eventually giving way to guitarist Josh Kaplan’s croons. We also get a guest solo from Levi McElrath of Peligro and While I See Sound, both of which hail from Coos Bay. Between McElrath’s eight-string and Josh’s seven, you’d think it was a lot of low end, but things never get overly serious or heavy. In fact, the misty-eyed acoustics swell across the mix, echoing with gang vocals and phased whispers that tease us from the background. Fans of golden oldies like Enemies and Pele should find a lot to enjoy.

“An Empty Room at Midnight” also cruises along through a number of dynamic ranges with ease, and it’s over before you know it. It’s provacotive, like a scent you’re intrigued by that reminds you of a place you might have been before, but can’t remember. Just when you’re about to trace the nostalgia – poof, it’s gone. It’s a bold move for Honeybender, and honestly, we’re here for it.

Multidudes, Honeybender’s EP upcoming EP, is slated for release this Friday.

Here’s hoping whatever they’re working on keeps up this energy! Check out the rest of the band’s discography here in the meantime! We’ll keep you posted if we hear anything else.