Noise music, as some people call it, has produced some fantastic bands in the past few years, pleasurably pulverizing us with inversions of punk, industrial, prog, alternative, and everything in between. It’s also notably diverse, with it’s ubiquitous namesake covering bands like Chat Pile and METZ to Quicksand, Fugazi, Helmet and Sonic Youth.

Even when these bands’ influences intersect, they all show off radically different life paths and ideas, possibly because noise can be made in damn near limitless ways when you think about it. Either ways, we were pretty stoked to come across Manchester’s Predeceased in an email from EEASY RECORDS.

Predeceased show off a pretty full-frontal punk influence with What Do You Do?, which makes them feel right at home on playlists with Two Brothers, Codefendants, Endless, Nameless, and HELP.

Check out the spry first single “Scene Parole” and it’s accompanying video below.


Some of these guitar riffs sounds fatter than they have any right to be, just saying. Just take one rip of that explosive, randomly bluesy, stoner-friendly crunch and try not to get a contact high. But not like, a mellow one, more like you were inhaling Molotov cocktails a little too hard – in a good way, though, you’ll be fine. Just throw the damn thing.

In fact, a Molotov or cherry bomb might not be a bad comparison. The band’s lyrics are heavily influenced by post-punk and anarchy-punk, so it’s not just a good descriptor for their sound – it might be part of their ethos as well, so be sure to blast it at the appropriate volume.

Fun Fact: the record was produced by Wayne Adams, who worked with Pet Brick and USA Nails, and mastered by Will Killingsworth of Orchid and Ampere, and Vaccines fame. It also features at least one member of Chubby and the Gang! Check out the pre-order for the record here – we’ve heard it, and we can’t wait till we can say more. It’s pretty sick, and it’ll be out in May of this year. Buy us a coffee here if you want but coming up we’ve got all kinds of stuff from more Twitch talks (check out our socials for more until we figure it all out) and new stuff from H. C. BEHRENDTSEN, Mission Creep, The Bob Lazar Story, and more. Thanks for reading!