Meredith Truax -

NEW MUSIC // Party Friends are delivering math rock anthems for the impending apocalypse


How does one go about writing a song for the end of the world? Do you make it a consoling swan song, or an upbeat, happy commemoration of Life that was? Brooklyn instrumental math-rock trio Party Friends decided to go with a wonky instrumental prog number, replete with bizarro chord progressions, tappity-tap angular phases and smashing breakdowns. I mean, fuck it right? Go out with a bang; you’ve got nothing to lose. Release inhibition, let out the catharsis.

Party Friends have carved out their own niche of punky, move-your-feet prog-rock in the underground party scenes of the Northeast, initially playing as Oh Adeona before undergoing the name change that more aptly personifies their sound. In this, Party Friends’ first (or last?) single, the band prove that overtly technical and challenging instrumental music can still be a fist-smashing, foot-stomping, head-banging affair (wait for the 2:14 mark and then its lift off). ‘Live, From The End Of The World’ conjures up the madness of Tera Melos, You Slut! and nuito. Seriously, this is slowly turning from semi-impartial journalism to newly recruited fanboy gush.

Suffice it to say that, if the world doesn’t end, we may just have a hell of a math rock force on our hands…

You can stay up to date with Party Friends on their Facebook page. You can also check out Oh Adeona’s previous album on the Party Friends Bandcamp page.

We and Party Friends would like to give props to Marine G. Brun-Franzetti, director/editor of the music video, and Jared Parke Barron, who played the news anchor. Check out Marine’s work here. Photographs were taken by Meredith Truax. Check out her instagram here.