Maybe it’s too early to call it, but we must be getting close to the end of pandemic-born projects. At the same time, we’re probably not. Who can say with any amount of certainty that they’re done learning from one of the most life-affecting global events of the 21st century? Probably none of us.

All that being said, we’re probably only just beginning to experience the micro-era that music would willingly transport us back the rawest levels of personal chaos found in those first crazed, isolated days, weeks, and months. And Napier, New Zealand’s Desbot is one of the first bands to do it in such a vivid and accessible way.

Desbot has a certain level of groove appeal right off the bat, with slowly morphing, darkly psychedelic post-rock. It’s striking stuff, and if you’re into visionaries Caspian and Mogwai you’ll definitely like it. It will also work if you’re looking for cinematic post-metal somewhere between Russian Circles and VASA, with a dash of Holy Fawn for intensity. We highly recommend checking out the ISIS-favored “Where I Stand” below.

You know what’s crazy? These guys make all this post-racket without a single standard axe-player. A synth, a bass, and drums, that’s the majority of what you’re hearing. It’s also just a really great, live-sounding mix that also happens to sound like it was recorded in a really nice studio in another dimension or planet where heady, crushing tones are currency, and these guys are rich.

For anyone weary of tags like post-rock or cinematic, Pass of Change is a record that might change your mind about all that. It’s focused, fresh, and constantly interesting, a claim hard to make regardless of genre.

As the kids around here say, “this shit fucks.” Yes. Yes they do. But honestly, we’re pretty sure get it after hearing such a badass and modern sounding record. If Prometheus listened to post-rock, it would probably sound like this. Check it out in Desbot’s new record in it’s entirety here, and buy us a coffee here if you feel like a real pal. Maybe even a real barista. You crazy kids. Anyway. Coming up, we’ve got the New York production legend Martin Bisi, Yowie, Kodiak Empire, Everything Left Unsaid, and more. Thanks for reading.