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NEW MUSIC // Belgium quartet Kassei are reviving the sounds of 90’s math rock and post rock

kasseikinkystar (photo credits jeroen jacobs)

According to Kassei, Geraardsbergen is one of the country’s sleepiest provincial towns. An exemplary slice of the great Belgian pastoral. It was in Geraardsbergen that the band’s four musicians started bouncing material off each other in a garden shed. ‘Kassei’ is the Belgian word for ‘cobblestone’, it sounds rather fitting given the bucolic nature of the band’s early days.

Today is the day the band brings the music from their shed to your bandwidth. ‘Prak’ is the first video from the band, a choice cut from their upcoming debut album Muur. It presents instrumental rock in the shape of a cobblestone: angularity in jagged, unpredictable, but picturesque forms. ‘Prak’ offers a little bit of mercurial math rock; a little bit of poignant post rock. The lack of lavish pedal effects or other digital embellishments give the track a stripped-back authenticity. No smoke and mirrors, just strong songwriting. Indeed, it’s hard not to hear the sounds of late 90’s instrumental bands like Pele, Dianogah and Sharks Keep Moving. Heck, you’re probably going to hear Cousin, Ativin and Slint. It’s all here, friends.

Math rock? Post rock? Call it “cobblestone rock” for all the guys in Kassei care.

a1369708735_10Muur is the upcoming album by Kassei and will be out November 30th. You can make your pre-orders over at their Bandcamp page.

Feature image courtesy of Jeroen Jacobs Photo Projects.