Marmore – Cars Were Supposed to Fly by Now (2017)

Turin-based math rock act Marmore brings monolithic guitars that makes the Piemonte shake in their latest EP Cars Were Supposed to Fly by Now . ‘And So It Was You From Afar!’ begins the epic 4 song album with a thundering bass line. ‘Luna Senza Chip’ follows with a nice two-step beat and pushes into, ‘Just When You Think You Know A Wave’ with its 90’s alt rock feel, settling back into a very angular groove á la Kid Crash returning to the beautiful reprise. ‘Agua Caliente’ (“hot water” in Spanish) has a Western feel with an added industrial sensibility. Acoustic guitars creep through the rumbling toms, electric guitar wailing in the dust clouds of naught bass undulations.

Marmore veni, vidi, e vici. They came, saw, and conquered.

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post rock, darkoustic, instrumental, post hardcore

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Turin, Italy