Jardín de la Croix – Circadia (2016)

Spanish post/math rock stalwarts Jardín de la Croix valiantly return to the spotlight with Circadia, their first release since their 2013 EP 187 Steps To Cross The Universe. Their full length follow up is exquisitely produced and brings an array of new weapons to add to their usual melodic arsenal. Most notable is the addition of piano, which brings to mind the melodically fused jazz of jizue, Itzamna, and Mouse on the Keys. The keys add a layer of placidity against the crushing, emotionally charged fury of the guitar work (‘Intermareals’ is a real standout here).

Jardín de la Croix clearly didn’t want to pull punches with their latest effort. Circadia is a compelling album that doesn’t stop for air; it’s a long and beautifully constructed sentence void of punctuation. It grips and never lets go.

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post rock, math rock, instrumental, free, yeah boyyyyeeee

Sounds A Tad Like

And So I Watch You From Afar, Mouse On The Keys, tfvsjs


Goddamn free (Bandcamp)


Madrid, Spain