Invalids – 200 Second EP (2014)

Yes, this EP clocks in at exactly 200 seconds. Invalid’s new EP, or ‘UEP’ (unextended player), is a discourse in brevity. Taking inspiration from the old Fat Wreck Chords compilation ‘Short Music For Short People’, Invalids deliver quick bursts of frenzied guitar-tapped melodies and disjointed chord progressions over programmed drums. Pete Davis’ drifting vocal harmonies are clean and fit the chaotic instrumentation nicely. What emerges is a snappy little EP that is compact, potent, and a hell of a lot of fun under the time constraints. Pretty good for two musicians who have never met…

File Under

Math rock, two-piece, vocals, tappity-tap, odd rhythms, free

Sounds A Tad Like

Loose Lips Sink Ships, Suffer Like G Did, Tera Melos


Name Your Price (Bandcamp)