Good Game – Don’t Blow It. (2017)

Boston’s Good Game just hit the math rock scene with their excitingly frantic EP Don’t Blow It. All three tracks, but especially the aptly titled opener ‘Cheating The NASA Space Physical’ resemble the hectic, yet super-abundantly melodic emo-sound math-veterans like of Invalids and Colours, combined with the pushing shouts reminiscent of the classic one-man project Girlfriends. Addy Harris’ and Brock Benzels interchanging singing parts lead to powerful vocal exchanges, with several culminating moments where both voices complement each other so, so pleasantly – especially on the third track ‘Stitchface’, which paces itself a little to grant its singers some space to harmonize.

Their fast-paced new release marks the first record of Good Game with a complete band lineup, and as such sounds way more complex than the first few demos made by head songwriter Brenzel, who in the past released similar tracks just by himself. Here’s hoping the now quintet stays to collaborate for a full-length album, because it successfully adds to a highly energetic niche that only so few bands have yet achieved to fill.

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Math rock, Emo

Sounds A Tad Like

Invalids, Girlfriends, Friends In Theory


You decide how much it’s worth to you


Boston, Massachusetts