Gigantic Ant – Gigantic Ant (2015)

In their sophomore follow-up to 2010’s This Is Serious, Boston‘s Gigantic Ant part ways with their guitar player and continue as a keyboard-bass-drum power-trio, synthesizing a hearty and boisterous blend of fusion-funk and math-rock inspired tunes in their new self-titled LP.

The common tendency in their latest effort is a deliberate straying away from conventional chord structures, as math rock bands are wont to do, yet retaining a cool, refreshing lounge vibe akin to Soulive, Soft Machine and Mouse on the Keys. ‘Skull on a Podium’, for example, contains a slew of sudden breaks and dynamic shifts but keeps a steady flow in rhythm and melody. The fluctuating key changes and rhythmic motifs provide a sense of musical juxtaposition, fusing together experimental and math rock with funk and groove.

Gigantic Ant resides amongst math rock groups like Monobody, rega, Pippo’s Progress and inside/outside, defining the groovy, fusion inspired spectrum of math rock. Offering a unique interpretation of fusion genre whilst relishing in left-of-center dissonance and complex rhythmic variations, this new self-titled album is sure to please fan of funky yet experimental and intelligent rock.

File Under

Instrumental, jazz, math rock, experimental

Sounds A Tad Like

Soft Machine, Pippo’s Progress, Monobody, Rega


$8USD (Bandcamp)


Boston Bun, Massachusetts