Fox Territory – Degressive Fusion (2017)

It’s not often you hear trumpets over the top of progressive metal. This is just one of the motifs in Fox Territory‘s ferocious and versatile debut Degressive Fusion. Across its, count em, 16 tracks, the Czech quartet blaze through a feast of heavy and technical instrumental jams, blending jazz, thrash, prog, and, true to the album’s name, fusion.

As well as the variety of sounds you’ll hear in this record, the instrumentation itself is incredibly tight. Guitars and percussion blend together with wonderful precision throughout the record, and it is the rapid staccato delivery of notes and pedal kicks that gives the album its overall sense of fury. It’s a powerful start from a promising band.

File Under

Progressive, metal, instrumental, math rock

Sounds A Tad Like

Plini, Animals As Leaders, CHON


€8.99 on bandcamp


Brno, Czech Republic