Follow Me Follow You – Creature (2015)

One of my favourite things about this Fecking Bahamas venture, and perhaps the main reason I’m happy to give up time for it, is the pursuit of excellent music coming out of countries one doesn’t normally expect to produce sounds fitting our niche. As I’ve mentioned before, it seems the rise in popularity of mathy (via t’internet) is lighting fires in places outside the places we’d normally go to for it, which in this writer’s option is down right shiny.

One such entity we’ve had our eye on for a while in the Fecking Offices is Follow Me Follow You out of Pretoria, South Africa who showed up on the Fecking Radar(TM) with a few ace live videos seemingly shot in working men clubs and the like. The recent release of their second EP Creature is an excellent little treat to take us into the second half of the year.

Opener ‘Big Trees’ starts off subtly and grows to delicious mix of summer-y guitar twiddling and a rare moment of chanted vocals, after which the track and indeed the rest of the EP swing through a number of different ideas that seem to lead the listener on a journey. Never do the band lose that drum-led groovesome touch however by going too nutso, but the changes keep you listening and engaged from start to finish. The EP’s production, whilst a little lo-fi adds to the charm of FMFY’s songs. This is very much a pleasing earphone listen well worth your time and money.

(By the way if you heard “African band” and came here expecting this, fuck you and stinking t-shirts.)

File Under

ass-shaking, head-nodding, not an akainda in sight

Sounds A Tad Like

Pele, Enemies, Ghosts and Vodka

Stand Out Tracks

Big Trees, Combination Loch


$4USD (Bandcamp)


Pretoria, South Africa