Copyright: Sam Nahirny (@SamNahirny)

EXCLUSIVE // Watch Poisonous Birds perform ‘Old Sun’ at ArcTanGent

While the next iteration of ArcTanGent is still about eight months away, you can still reminisce by watching pro-shot footage of Poisonous Birds‘ stage performance from last summer.

With ‘Old Sun’ the UK-duo presents a comtemplative, electronica-infused jam, focusing on warm and wobbly synth-arpeggios that intertwine with steady, but increasingly energetic drum beats by percussionist Finn Mclean.

The other half of Poisonous Birds is multi-instrumentalist Tom Ridley, who not only plays fools around with very distinctive distortion effects on his guitar, but also fills the spaces between more hard-hitting segments with dreamy, cloudy vocal melodies.

The pro-shot footage is presented to you by courtesy of our friends at Small Pond and was filmed at this years ArcTanGent, Bristols finest math-rock music festival.

‘Old Sun’ is part of Poisonous Birds’ latest EP Gentle Earth, which you can stream and buy on their Bandcamp. Follow their Homepage for more info.