EXCLUSIVE // Watch ‘Hakbah’, the latest video from Kodiak Empire

0007760818_10Kodiak Empire is one of those rare finds. The Australian quintet have wedged themselves nicely in the Venn diagram crossover between prog and alternative. They masterfully combine the complex with the coherent, the unpredictable with the predictable. Their songs feature reckless musical abandon, but the listener is never left out in god-knows-where-land.

Try ’em out yourself! This weekend we are premiering Kodiak Empire’s latest video for ‘Hakbah’, from their 2016 LP Silent Bodies, which is now up on our Youtube channel. This eight minute burner has some of the wildest chord progressions we’ve heard this year, and you’d be forgiven for hearing echoes of The Mars Volta, Poly-Math and Closure In Moscow. But before everything goes off the rails into outright mercuriality, the listener is brought back to gentler territory, with clean vocals and poignant melody. ‘Hakbah’ is a track that wanders between gentle passages and bolt-smashing force, ultimately forming a well-rounded soundscape. You’re in for a heck of a ride.

bathingKodiak Empire‘s full-length album Silent Bodies is now available via their Bandcamp page. The band will be playing at the The Zoo in Brisbane on Saturday 4th of March with Hashshashin, Balloons Kill Babies, and Weightless in Orbit. Tour dates to be announced.