EXCLUSIVE // Watch Bicurious’ new video ‘Japanese Puppy’


Usually if I hear the word ‘Dublin’ within the math rock milieu, it usually means good things. Alarmist. Adebisi Shank. The Redneck Manifesto. Whelan’s. Dublin Bay Prawn Festival.

If you’re a math rock band in Dublin, you already have territorial cred. We were quick to prick up our ears when Chancer and Yonen emerged on the scene. And likewise, when two-man soundwall Bicurious sprang to life in 2016, we bobbed up on our heads like meerkats. We’d been pining for a good Irish two-piece ever since Belfast’s The Continuous Battle of Order decided to turn in.

The band released their debut EP I’m So Confused on March 9th, and racked up some top notch praise from the Irish Press. The EP was produced Tom Peters of Alpha Male Tea Party fame, and bears all the grunt that his band is renowned for.

On offer today in the Fecking Bahamas cage is an exclusive peek at the video for the last track on Bicurious’ EP. ‘Japanese Puppy’ offers energetic and emotionally-charged instrumental rock with a blistering finish; and features cuts of their live antics and of the recording process for I’m So Confused. Give it your ears.

a1369708735_10Go grab your copy of I’m So Confused at Bicurious’ website right now. And then, as you’re listening away, click the ‘Like’ button on their Facebook page.