The Refectory


In case you didn’t know, The Refectory are here to faith heal your polyrhythmic post-punk blues. The band baptizes listeners with a heady mix of razor sharp riffs and tense, contemplative vocals.

They also seem to have a pretty neat light show going on. Check out the video below for “Repeater,” the lead single from their upcoming album Noise Machine Repeater. It’s an adventurous jaunt that’s equal parts jagged, heartfelt, and heavy, and we know that’s a ratio you guys are into.

The Connecticut three-piece reflect a somewhat rarified sound overall, and occasionally bring to mind nineties post-hardcore visionaries like Hurl or The Purkinje Shift, or maybe more recently Exotic Animal Petting Zoo. But standout tracks “Crickets” and “Water Left the Desert” pump the breaks, allowing an almost 1970’s songwriter flare to shine through. The band figure-eights between the two territories throughout the album, but the middle tracks prog particularly hard. And by hard, we mean heavily. “Unhinged” lives up to it’s name, nervously swaggering its way through itself before waltzing to its final resting place – blast beats leading into first notes of the final song.

The label supporting The Refectory, Choke Artist, had this to add about the band:

Equal parts dissonant and melodic, “Noise Machine Repeater” shows the bands’ dynamic range as they push their own creative boundaries. Ambient riffs stacked with lush vocal harmonies are quickly countered by bludgeoning riffs and harsh screams. Despite this contrast, the songs flow seamlessly – showcasing the band’s strengths in musicianship and songwriting in their most cohesive album to date.

FFO: Faraquet, Bear vs. Shark, Q and Not U

Their description is pretty on point. Noise Machine Repeater flows effortlessly, even at it’s highest peaks and valleys. Between the parts of the songs and the record itself, it has a very continuous feel to it. Check out the album at The Refectory’s Bandcamp here.