The Conformists


We’ve got a real doozy for you here today – New York’s Computer Students records should be familiar to many of you, as they’ve provided us number of exciting remasters and reissues. But today, the label have announced they’ll be pressing The Conformists upcoming record, Midwestless, and we’ve got the pleasure of premiering the album’s first single below.

It takes all of three seconds for “Mr. Biron” to set the scene with menacing drums and hideously off-time guitars atop the grumbling bass line, and we’d expect nothing less from the Missouri madmen, especial considering they’ve once again enlisted Steve Albini for the record’s production.

Albini has actually worked with the band on every record of theirs since 2006 to successfully leave a haunting trail of noisy, anxious gems, but don’t take our word for it – get a fresh taste below:


From what we can gather, this Mr. Biron guy was into some sinister stuff. But what does the band have to say about it?

“So here it is: you are not getting on this flight, understand? A surname is sacred and your bank account will prove it. You’ll start with drums, lonesome drums. Next is listening to your bandmates with one ear and one ear only. About a minute into it you can use both ears, that’s fine- all together now. Wait, now both ears off. Ignore your bandmate! You don’t need a delay pedal, just fake-play like it. Now here comes the Disappointment Sound (drums, you stay quiet for this). The end is in the pocket, but the pocket has holes and you WILL lose your keys.”

That… that does help some, yes. Then again, there’s also this blurb from Computer Students:

“Mr. Biron” is the penultimate song on Midwestless, the fifth and newest album by St. Louis, Missouri rock failures The Conformists, due for release on Computer Students™ on April 5th, 2024 on LP (Standard and Deluxe Editions) and digitally.

Formed in November of 1996 deep within a basement bedroom somewhere between the corn fields and strip malls of Southern Illinois, The Conformists began as four teenagers with a desire to create Ugly Rock Music. Eventually, they grew up and now dabble in moments which could even be described as quite beautiful and melodic. Elsewhere, elements of insistent repetition with an initial appearance of stasis reveal — with multiple listens — intricate details under the surface.

The album was recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio and was mastered and cut by Matthew Barnhart at Chicago Mastering Service.

Midwestless will be released by New York label Computer Students on April 5, 2024. It will be offered in three forms: a standard edition, LP 180g HQ — Audiophile quality pressing, running at 33rpm, inside a 6mm spine gatefold cover with matte finish. A deluxe edition, LP 180g HQ — Audiophile quality pressing, running at 33rpm, inside a 6mm spine gatefold cover with matte finish housed in tactile Type-2 aluminum pack- aging alongside a massive double-sided poster and digital files for download as well as streaming on all platforms.

Well it turns out we’re not going to learn much more about this Mr. Biron, but that being said, the song’s more than enough – pre-order Midwestless here.