EXCLUSIVE // Stream ‘Wilt’ the new album from Via Luna


Travel to the Midwest United States during the peak of autumn. The air has become thin and cold, the trees have shed their foliage, and the wildlife is scarce. Dismal, overcast skies eloquently contrast the withering landscape. This particular time of year inspired the writing of Via Luna‘s third EP Wilt.

Starting from the first track, “All Roads Lead to Buzzard”, it’s clear that the band is venturing to some darker, more atonal places reminiscent of bands like Town Portal or Don Caballero. Flush with gritty bass riffs and in-your-face meter changes, the second song, “Ultramarine”,  seems to bring a more dismal, ambient theme while remaining true to the tight and well-honed sound of the prior EPs. Transitioning from heavy Cleft-esque guitar riffs to floating delay-driven builds to funky, danceable grooves stretches the song “Tsar Bomba” all across the musical spectrum. Only three songs into “Wilt” and it’s apparent the boys in Via Luna have outdone themselves this time.

After a two year period of supporting their third EP, Heavy Light, this instrumental four-piece “traveled to a small house in the middle of a large field in Kansas and locked ourselves away for 3 days…” according to drummer Mike McDonough. Combining that experience with their musical versatility, Wilt is as refreshing as the brisk autumn air and is proof of Via Luna’s constant evolution.

bathing‘Wilt’ is out on the 28th of April. You can pre-order the digital on Via Luna’s Bandcamp page, or grab the cassette through Like Young Records. As Corey Feldman notoriously says: ‘Go 4 it’…