EXCLUSIVE // Stream Vishnu Basement’s new single ‘Musp’


As you don’t know, the sacred Hindu god Vishnu once took three steps across the entire Universe. The first and second of Vishnu’s steps are marked in the earth and air; the third, not visible to man, is in heaven where he lies indefinitely. I know what you’re thinking: that’s a waste of a pretty impressive gait.

Now, coincidentally, New York’s Vishnu Basement have also left only three marks on the world to date: Future Pangaea, Jakeelis, and Panacea. These are, of course, the contents of their debut effort Strange Machine, a chaotic math rock discourse in the vein of Tera Melos and Postmadonna. However, in 2016 the four piece have three more steps to take, twice as many as Vishnu ever took.

This week we are premiering ‘Musp’, the first single from Vishnu Basement’s upcoming three track EP Bulb. At first listen ‘Musp’ will appear world’s apart from their previous work, it’s a much lighter jazzy procession with soft-spoken vocals not unlike Pretend and Greg Saunier in Deerhoof. But make no mistake, the track brings an artful and discordant punch, and will no doubt leave math rock nerds and jazz addicts with comfortable chills. Vishnu’s basement works in mysterious ways.

spacebloodVishnu Basement’s new full length ‘Bulb’ is out May 13th via the cool cats at Sad Cactus Records.