EXCLUSIVE // Stream Valerian Swing’s ‘Cancer Minor’

Doppelgänger - Press pic

When I reviewed the last Valerian Swing record, it was love at first listen.

Built from huge post-rock soundscapes, thundering drums, tight, mathy riffing, walls of glorious electronics and gripping gang vocal chant-alongs, sheer musical exuberance oozes from every facet and crevice of A U R O R A. I had to go back and listen to it again halfway through writing this.

With the evident joy and energy packed into this album, like so much clothing rammed into a bulging holiday suitcase, one can only imagine what a live performance with the self described ‘three Italian lunatics’ might be like. Until today, that is.

Via the magic of the internet, we are pleased as punch to be able to stream a performance of the eminently fantastic ‘Cancer Minor’ directly to your optical nerves, filmed by the great guys over at Small Pond Recordings.

If that wasn’t enough encouragement to brave the bright light of the outside world and see these guys face to face, I don’t know what is. If you’re lucky enough to live in the musical Mecca that is Brighton, UK, you can check them out supporting the colossally good Heights in what is sure to be a class show.

They’re also playing a whole slew of other dates across Europe and the UK: check below for the key details! See you there!

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