EXCLUSIVE // Stream the debut album from Denmark’s Myfriendandi


In addition to its popular global exports such as Carlsberg, Kinder Surprises and Lars Von Trier, Denmark has given us notable math rock acts. There’s the punchy and in-your-face styles of plok and The Slaughterhouse 5, or the darker tones of Town Portal and Obstacles. There remains space in Denmark’s math rock oeuvre for a gentler, happier band to join the fold.

Enter Myfriendandi, a young new quartet about to release their debut EP. The four tracks of Uendelig comprise soft and melodic math rock jams akin to bands like Vasudeva and tide/edit, but with a couple of extra twists. There’s the soft horns that give tracks like ‘Hos Dig’ and ‘Uendelig’ a Bateleur vibe. Gentle Danish vocal harmonies adorn the release, and help bring out the idyllic soundscape Myfriendandi aim to deliver. Overall, Uendelig a bright-eyed release that can do no wrongs, and it’s one we are glad to be bringing you ahead of time.

bathingUendelig will be available for purchase this weekend over at Myfriendandi’s bandcamp page. You can also keep in touch with the band via their Facebook page. And Copehagenoids, be sure to pop down to the release event.