EXCLUSIVE // Stream SEIMS’ new album ‘II’


For a country that produced the globally lauded MY DISCO, you would expect Australia to be fertile land for math rock and similar structurally irregular treats. However, most of us locals know that, by and large, there is still a long time to wait before we can plant them fennel seedlings.

Rather than sit around and agonize about it, we can put our faith in bands like SEIMS to invite a wider audiences into the scene and get things a-blossoming. Why? Because the Sydney quartet have enough peculiarity and mathy substance within their instrumental electro-pop sound to slowly ease listeners into something a little more left-of-center. Their sophomore release, the aptly titled II, will come out this Friday and from now until that date, we are exclusively streaming it here on our website.

II is an album of many emotions, swaying from the upbeat swag of ‘RCKT’ and ‘TUN’ to the menacing complexity of ‘HKVV’. You’ll be fist-punching ceilings one minute and stroking chins in admiration the next. The delectable combo of crunching bass notes and resonating synth chimes will no doubt prompt the listener to sniff out hints of Gallops, Errors and Battles. All of these bands surprisingly bear pluralized nouns in their name. Makes me wonder what a ‘seim’ is…

via luna
SEIMS’ new full length, II, will come out on the 7th of August. You can purchase the album via their bandcamp page. It’s $14AUD, which in foreign currency converts to nuttin’…