EXCLUSIVE // Stream ‘from18’ from loqto’s new album

28660652_10209938993865213_6891443943200784384_o I admit, it’s kind of strange to describe math rock tracks as ‘jams’. The word ‘jam’ implies that a bunch of muso’s can pick up instruments and follow along to a common pulse of sound. The dissonant nature of math rock surely makes this simple affair rather awkward and complex, maybe even impossible.

Yet, in many cases I find myself referring to Japanese math rock tracks as ‘jams’. Many bands from this region tend to find a good balance between simple hooks that are easy to follow along with, and discordant, heavily syncopated song structures. Many are at the cusp between palatable and left-of-center. It means that listeners can expect something unpredictable but they are never left stranded.

loqto is one of these bands. The last time we head from the Tokyo act was their 2015 full length Replication, an album that won the hearts of math rock fans worldwide. In 2018, the band will release their sophomore full length géo, and this week we are proud to be premiering ‘from18’, the eighth track from the record.

In géo-, you can expect all the pleasantries pertinent to Japanese math rock: jangly guitar tones; melodious hooks; and an all-round feel-good demeanour. As with their previous efforts, loqto adds a bit of speed and intensity into the mix, bringing some punk rock sensibility to the album. You’re going to love it.

sketchshowloqto’s new album ‘géo-‘ will be released as a CD on March 30th through Friend of Mine Records.