If you’re reading this from the United States, you’ve more than likely caught yourself saying or hearing the phrase “it’s pissing rain out there” a number of times since the year started. Well, imagine if it was pissing squids. Because today, that’s what’s happening.

Squid Pisser have been brewing up a storm the last couple of years through their absolutely demonic visual presence coupled with bombastic sonic destruction. The group is led by Tommy Meehan, a recognizable figure in the underground through his work with Cancer Christ, Deaf Club, and Cartoon Network, but we fully support his decision to go full piss-squid with this project.

Last year’s My Tadpole Legion violently spewed forth with arterial sprays of grindcore, crust punk, and levels of rage we only associate with artists working with Ross Robinson in the early 2000’s. Seriously, there were moments on it that had us thinking of Iowa, and we mean that as a serious compliment. It also had features from all kinds of badasses like John Clardy, Yako, and Meghan O’Neil.

Today, however, Squid Pisser ups the ante in preparation for their upcoming EP Vaporize a Neighbor – do your best to ignore that tingling sensation and check out the exclusive stream of the title track below.

To stir the pot, the band is also putting out a sort of comic book with the one and only SKiN Graft Records, who the band announced partnership with last year. SKiN Graft has always taken pride in its visual style while developing a signature surreal horror style along the way, making Squidpisser a perfect match for this sort of thing.

You can see more at Squid Pisser’s Bandcamp page, and we’re eyeing the Ultimate Edition personally, which comes with the 7″, a CD, and the comic – check it out here. In all its seedy glory, Vaporize a Neighbor comes out March 8th. We’ll be waiting. And pissing. Squids.