psychic graveyard


Pioneering noise-rock executioners Psychic Graveyard have always had a strong sense of groove no matter how haunted or bizarre their songs get. This rhythmic steadiness, along with the band’s signature hybrid of synthesizers possessed-computer vocal narratives, keeps their sound accessible as it is undefinable, and this mixture fires off full-blast on their latest single.

“Haunted By Your Bloodline” rumbles like an underground rave with a menacing twist. The song’s awkward yet danceable swoosh and crumbly bass lines accompany some of the band’s simplest, but strangest lyrics yet, which is saying a lot for an act known for songs like “I’m Not Coming to Your Seance.”

Lines like “I wonder how I appetize you, I’ve been looking for you, hiding in the source code with numbers and symbols for bones…” get creepier every time. It never quite breaks out of that common time feel, but it doesn’t really need to when every second is more haunting than the last with all of those weird chirps and buzzes in the background. Check out the exclusive stream below.

There’s a particularly post-punk tone to the song thanks to the robotic delivery, bringing to mind the acrid sounds of Big’n, Tunic Les Savy Fev, and Plot Against Common Sense-era Future of the Left. Whatever names you throw at it, it’s a dynamic, fast-paced intersection where genre fades, and intensity rules above all.

Whether or not you claim to understand “Haunted By Your Bloodline,” you will be haunted by this single. The band is about to head out on tour with Melt-Banana, and the shows are sure to make you go deaf, blind, and dumb from the dancing.

Sometimes all it takes is a good mid-tempo banger like this one to justify the days of technical insanity we must all endure – we hope you feel the same. Check out the rest of the band’s discography on Bandcamp here, and send us some nasty course-ground coffee love here. Enjoy your weekend.